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Bullmastiff puppies availableJuly 27, 2018 puppies were born.

WhatsApp and Viber: +7 925 744 34 89, bullmoloss@gmail.com
Father: Demir Madbull Farm import Slovenia has a wonderful temperament, good  non-conflicting character, large breed head, strong bone structure and  correct anatomy. Mother: Magic Force Unitella carries excellent working qualities, very  courageous and active, with a hypertensive head and muzzle, a strong  back and a beautiful anatomical contour. Both parents of puppies Bullmastiff Champions (which is repeatedly confirmed by titles at exhibitions). Owners of typical and original goals. Anatomically gorgeous, have the right, powerful, developed chest. They  show excellent movements, since they have healthy and regular joints of  limbs with a strong ligament apparatus (as confirmed by official  tests).

Bullmastiffs are graceful, beautiful, stately breed attracts attention. Bullmastiff's breed is a massive dog with a powerful and well-developed skeleton.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog is combines harmony, reaction speed, good looks and extremely intelligent expression of the eyes.

Magic Force BullmastiffMagic Force BullmastiffMagic Force Bullmastiff

CuperLaki & LaksheriTayson
Our kennel is located in Russia, Moscow.
All our dogs are well trained, have the league title, the health tests. And is an interesting representatives of the breed. Today our kennel Magic Force has more than 80 Champions of Russia and different countries. Many times, our dog is not an easy fight won the largest exhibitions in Russia and other countries, our representatives of the breed experts to assess the strengths of RKF and FCI, most of our dogs have a high degree of training, many passed the test of the psyche. Our dogs train and interact with their owners.
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