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Dogs of our kennel
Bullmastiffs are kind and affectionate dogs, perfect for families with relatively obedient children.
Bullmastiff was bred by English rangers in the middle of the XIX century to protect the landlords from poachers. Having crossed the larger mastiff and the bulldog, the breeders got a powerful but mobile dog that quickly covered short distances, brought down the poacher to the ground and guarded him until the huntsman arrived, which detained the offender.

Entlebucher mountain dog
Entlebucher mountain dog is a completely non-conflict dog breed, self-sufficient and playful. If grows up with puppies of other breeds, maintains friendly relations with them for life. He has tender feelings for household members, but he is wary of strangers.
Entlebuchers appeared in the Swiss Alps. They are part of the Swiss Mountain Dogs group.

Miniature bull terrier
Dog Mini Bull Terrier has a peaceful character, but a brave heart.
At the beginning of the 19th century, a miniature bull terrier appeared in England. In 1939, the mini bull terrier received official recognition, a standard and description of the breed appeared.

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Our kennel RKF-FCI "Magic Force" was opened on October 27, 2006. The head of the nursery Borisova Ekaterina is a veterinarian, dog handler, zoopsychologist, head of the bullmastiff section in the KSS. Over the years, we had a lot of pleasant events regarding our favorite bullmastiffs. The kennel has in the “piggy bank” the following titles: Vice World Champion, Interchampion, Multichampion, Champion of Russia, Junior multichampion, etc. Dogs of the kennel have repeatedly proved their beauty and superiority under the expertise of refereeing at the highest levels and ranks. But the most important thing is that in our kennel almost all dogs are implemented in their working activities, namely they are successfully engaged in various types of training (OKD, ZKS, ZS, BH, Sampling). A distinctive feature of the dogs of our kennel is a fast learning ability, an excellent working temperament, as well as unlimited love for their owners. Kennel dogs are interested in being useful to their owners in any direction. We use in breeding the blood of dogs in England, America, Canada, Europe. At the time of mating, all manufacturers are healthy and physiologically prepared to become parents. Replenish our ranks, the ranks of bullmastiff lovers, and we will help you with this!
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